You start the mission with a lowly shotgun. You'll want to upgrade your weapon ASAP

When you pick up a Nailgun, your battlesuit will say "Rapid-Fire Activated". Your shot speed will be increased, and you do not have to release the trigger to keep firing. The nailgun comes loaded with 30 nails. If these are used up, you will revert to the shotgun.

When you pick up a Rocket Launcher, your battlesuit will say "Missiles Activated". Missile-lock your oponents and fire a rocket! Even if you don't get a full lock, you can still "splash" them for partial damage! The RL comes standard with 10 rockets.


To score well, you must try to stay alive. These items will help you to survive your opponent's attacks.

Grab some Armor and your battlesuit says "Shield Activated". Armour absorbs some of the damage done to you by opponents, helping to extend your life. The armour itself is damaged each time you are hit.

When you pick up a Super Health, your battlesuit will say "Powerboost Activated", and you will gain 100 health. You can actually go above full health this way, at least temporarily,until your health slowly decays back down.


Not satisfied with the standard gear? Grab a powerup! But beware: their effects only last a limited time.

Pick up the Ring of Invisibility and your battlesuit will say "Stealth Activated". Your lights will go out making it much harder for your opponents to see or frag you. This powerup lasts one minute.

Take the Quad Damage and your battlesuit will say "Nuke Activated". This powerup causes your weapons to do four times as much damage as normal, so you should get quite a few frags during its 30 second duration.

When you pick up an Invulnerability, your battlesuit will say "Invulnerability Activated", and your opponents will say "Oh no!". The invulnerability protects you from all damage, ensuring that you cannot be harmed. Watch out though, it only lasts 20 seconds.


Runes work continuously until you are fragged. Only one of each Rune exists, so they may be hard to obtain.

When you pick up the Regeneration Rune, your battlesuit will say "Special Powerboost Activated". This rune causes your health to regenerate much faster than normal. If you have armor, it will regenerate also.

When you pick up the Haste Rune, your battlesuit will say "Special Rapidfire Activated". This rune increases your shot speed substantially. If you have rockets, you'll see that they fire a lot faster too.

When you pick up the Strength Rune, your battlesuit will say "Special Nuke Activated". This rune causes all your weapons to do double damage. Combine with the Quad Damage and you do an awesome eight times damage.

When you pick up the Resistance Rune, your battlesuit will say "Special Shield Activated". This rune protects you from harm, reducing any damage done to you to half.